Signal or Power Integrity Problems?

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Bespoke Signal & Power Integrity Analysis for Printed Circuits and Systems

Are you having problems
with an existing design?

Signal Integrity problems can be notoriously difficult to track down and resolve…

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Through the use of state-of-the-art signal analysis tools we are able to track down the causes of SI problems and test out practical, real-world solutions. Product re-spins cost a huge amount in both time and money, and often do not identify the root-cause of the problem. Our simulation tools allow us to evaluate remedies prior to committing to the costly manufacture.

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Need assistance with a new
hardware design?

If your new design involves high speed signalling, don’t leave success to chance…

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It is hard to avoid using high-speed digital interfaces in new product design. PCI-Express, DDR memory and USB3 are everywhere, and getting faster! Whether your design uses double data-rate memory or multi-gigabit per second SERDES links, we have the tools to help you enjoy success on your first design iteration.

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What are the benefits of using
Signal Integrity Analysis?

SI analysis can be used in many ways to ensure that signals successfully transverse PCBs…

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Time to market is everything. Identifying signal integrity problems early in the design cycle is paramount to the success of your new product. We have over a decade of SI analysis experience and have seen (and resolved) a vast array of technical challenges. Our analysis work broadly falls into one of two categories: ‘post-route’ studies for existing designs, and design consultancy for new projects. 

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